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Dan W. Calloway

Mr. Dan W. Calloway has served as the Athletic Director of the Youth Recreation of Palm Beach County since its founding in 1965. His love of all sports began early in life and led him from the sandlots of Riviera Beach to the Pittsburg Pirates farm camp. After returning to Palm Beach County, this love of sports helped him mold the lives of thousands of young people through mentoring and coaching. For the past 52 years he has worked tirelessly to support the young people of Palm Beach County through the association which focuses on mentoring and athletics. Many of the young people that he mentored went on to become professional athletes. He always tried to impress upon the young people with whom he worked the importance of becoming responsible, contributing citizens who give back to their communities. What a perfect example he provided for them. He believes that if he can keep these young people involved in sports, cheerleading and other activities they will not turn to negative street influences.


Mr. Calloway continues to work with local community members to raise funds that support traveling athletic teams, works with local area schools to provide mentoring and after school tutoring. He was recently involved with an FCAT rally at a local elementary school and helped to raise funds for the Safety Patrol’s Washington, D.C. trip.


Seven years ago Mr. Calloway was among a group of community minded men who work together to address needs in the communities of Belle Glade, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach. The Bridge Builders organization identifies and addresses needs of the aforementioned communities. Their focus has been on education and senior citizens.


Additionally, Mr. Calloway has been the recipient of numerous awards, recognitions and honors. These awards include but are not limited to, 1991 Inductee Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame, 2011 Inaugural Inductee Roosevelt High School Sports Hall of Fame, 1996 United States Olympic Torch Bearer. The Dan W. Calloway Sports Complex in Riviera Beach is further testament to his commitment and dedication to his community.

Mr. Calloway is also member of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church.


If someone were looking for a hero, or a role model, they wouldn’t need to look far; Mr. Dan W. Calloway is right in their backyard. Mr. Calloway is married to, Delores Oliver and is the father of two sons, eleven grandchildren and several godchildren. He has also served as a surrogate father to many of the young people whom he coached.

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