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The Dan Calloway Foundation encourages and assists anyone who has a desire to pursue post secondary education. The central theme of the scholarship program reinforces acts of service to all by harnessing a person's gifts and talents and utilizing them to advance themselves and others around them.  Awardees are deserving students who have exhibited perseverance, drive, and dedication to their family and community and have been admitted into a college, university or trade program.



Please consider the following before applying:


1. DEADLINE for scholarship TBD.

2. Scholarships are open to the following students:


  • High school juniors and seniors who have been admitted into an accredited post-secondary college, university, or trade program.


  • Returning undergraduate or graduate students attending an accredited college, university, or trade program.

3. The scholarship process consists of an application, personal statement, and additional required documentation.

4. If any question does not apply to you, please place an “N/A” in the space provided.

5. All incomplete applications will be returned.

6. Type or print legibly.  All illegible applications will be returned.

7. All scholarship applicants will be notified of award decisions via email (Date TBD). 



These buttons take credit cards or PayPal and sends your contribution safely and securely to The Dan Calloway Foundation. 100% of the donations made on the Scholarship page go toward education initiatives.


The Dan Calloway Foundation is a 501(c)3 status with the IRS.  Your gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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